Saturday, July 21, 2018

Up Up and Away!

At dinner with some friends the other night, I was offered a chance to go flying.  I've been in airplanes of all types before, but not this one, and not here.  I leapt at the opportunity.  
Early afternoon the next day I received a message that my friend was going to be free all day.  My husband had made plans with his brother for that afternoon, but my son was free, so we jumped in the car and pointed towards the Gainesville airport.

We pulled up to the airport and met my friend for a preflight prep.  He explained what kind of airplane we were going to be flying in, a 1960's Piper Comanche.  A plane that was designed as a personal executive flier has held up amazingly!  This beautiful machine looked like it was moving as it sat in the hangar waiting to take us to it's playground.

We got in and put on the headphones so we could speak to each other as the plane hummed along, and waited as our pilot did his checks.  We maneuvered to the runway and he gunned the throttle.  We launched forward and quickly climbed into the sky.

It was a clear day and quickly we could see for miles as the runway behind us became a band-aid.
As we climbed he told us that we would be flying all over Muenster and the Red River.

In minutes we were on top of the inn! we flew some circles over our house and I snagged a few pictures from above.  Feeling like a bird looking down was really fun.  Though it was a bit hot and as we flew over the house the blue pool looked very inviting... had a brief thought of a very high dive.

We turned and came over the town a moment later.  It was bustling and our friends were working and eating and going about their lives as we looked down from above and had a lark.

We headed north and flew along the river.  It zoomed past us quicker than any boat had ever gone on those waters, and zoomed over a group of kids riding dirt bikes, trying so hard to grab just a taste of the air we were playing in.

After a while we headed back to the Gainesville airport.  We lined up and came to a smooth landing for a clean end to a fun trip.