Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Being a Kid @ Elm Creek Manor!

Closed for a couple days last week to host some "little guests". 3 of our grandkids came for their spring break. They wanted to be treated "just like our real guests" LOL. I guess the pampering may begin at a young age.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Changes to the lower barn!

Well we are very excite to be moving the lower barn up the hill by the driveway.  Many of our guests, that were here in 2015, know, we were hit with 8 floods of the Elm Creek.  The poor lower barn, literally had a river running through it- 8 times!!

Well, the barn has been partially disassembled as pictured below and placed on skids. The tractors are coming on Thursday and will push and pull it 100 feet up the hill to rest beside the bend in the driveway.  

The old barn will be repainted and 100 year old beams will be placed back into the barn exterior to create a charming European Timbered barn (as pictures at the bottom).  

The topography of Elm Creek Manor varies greatly with nearly 145 feet height from the location of the Manor house up on the hill, down to the banks of the Elm Creek.  It allows for fabulous views and great experiences along the Elm Creek 
(when not flooding-once in 100 years :o)