Sunday, September 8, 2013

Creating Abundance for Our Guests......Aquaponics Greenhouse is Soon to be in Action!!!!

strawberry towerWe are excited about our next venture.... transforming the greenhouse into a closed cycle Aquaponics garden. No chemicals, not preservatives,  just nature at its best! 

Elm Creek Manor  just like Bright Agrotech is passionate about growing healthy, sustainable food for our customers and encourage people everywhere to do the same.

Can't wait for our guests to see the system in action.

Vertical Farming for the Future!

With our Goats producing gallons of fresh creamy milk a day, they are allowing us to create beautiful cheeses and delicious foods.  Let's also mention the record number of eggs  we are getting from our 63 happy free range chickens, which of course also produce beautiful healthy meat.  Plus our rabbits are producing lean tasty meat and our bees are giving us an abundance of honey.  Now we want to expand our growing capacity from the outdoor gardens to a greater bounty of beautiful organic fruits and vegetables.  You can't get purer than having all your food produced at the estate and seeing the results of healthy happy organic and chemical free animals, plants and bees!

See the Aquponic system we are putting in.  This guy is brilliant and we are committed to his pure farming techniques. 
Dr. Nate Storey inventor of ZipGrowTM Towers & Matrix Media