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Monday, April 3, 2017

Rum Runner Punch

Brads Famous Rum Runner Punch!

Just In Time For The Warm Seasons of Spring/Summer

Many Guests want Brad's recipe for the Rum Punch. 

This is his personal creation. If you want it pure:

**6 large lemons squeezed (if you warm them prior to squeezing in microwave for 30 seconds- the lemon will yield almost twice the juice), 2 quarts cold water, 3 Tablespoons of honey- (you will taste the honey in this so be sure and use a high quality honey that is rich and dark) , either 2 cups of fresh raspberries or a bag of organic frozen raspberries (pureed when thawed), strain raspberries in a sieve to only capture the raspberry juice. Discard the pulp and seeds in the strainer.  Mix together and add 6-8 oz of rum. Taste as you add the rum, for parties we make it stiff and for casual sipping, it is less strong.  I love to liven this up with pineapple leaves and some fresh fruit.  I have also added a but of Amaretto or  Cointreau to add a new zing to the usual flair. 

*  Brad has developed what I call the "cheat recipe":
If you want it quick, cheap, and store bought easy- Use two cans of lemonade, one can of frozen fruit punch, 1/2 Gallon of water and 2 cans of rum. I would def add Amaretto or Cointreau to this recipe as I am not a fan of the frozen product, but time is usually of the essence in our fast paced world. 

I personally love the 1st recipe, great to sip on a warm summer day relaxing on the patio or with friends (here at Elm Creek) and the bottom version is good on a camping trip, out by the pool or lake.


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